Announcing pin-tweet, a node utility to move your liked tweets to Pinboard

I am open sourcing pin-tweet, a utility program written in nodejs that moves your liked tweet to Pinboard.


I am a power use of Twitter and relay on it for to getting to know things. When I see something interesting to read on twitter, I’ve couple of options to come back to it later.

  1. Use Twitter offered bookmarking feature to bookmark it.
  2. Auth Pinboard for my twitter access to mirror my liked tweets

Option 1 is straight forward. Read when you get time. Remove the bookmark, when you’re done. But I prefer liking a tweet over bookmarking because, it just requires a single tap.

Option 2 is quick and easy. But the downside is that, reading and deleting the link on Pinboard won’t unlike the tweet on Twitter.

After using both the options for a long time, I took time to write my own utility that moves my liked tweets from twitter to pinboard for reading. Also, the things that I need to read is in one place instead of being scared across apps.

I invite you all to check pin-tweet